Midia has a successful track record in the delivery of major real estate investment and development that stretches back over four decades. The Group has delivered commercial, manufacturing, retail, leisure, cultural and community projects that have been catalysts for generating the social and economic development of many towns, cities and regions. Major public private sector partnership has been a particular strength.

The Group prides itself on innovation and social responsibility both in the types of projects undertaken and in content, design and the enhancement of human resources.

Sharp awareness of environmental considerations have been coupled with the core value of maximising employment, training and local procurement whenever possible.

In recent years the Group has moved forward into investment in and the development of ground-breaking projects in the renewable energy sector and, after an absence of many years, is making investment in new manufacturing drawing from a wealth of experience in the sector.




Founded almost forty years ago, the Group started as a residential developer focused on housing for sale and particularly for the elderly, together with niche projects not undertaken by the main house builders. This involved partnering with Building Societies, mainly Nationwide, while utilising the knowledge previously gained by the team from many years working directly for Housing Associations.

Some 900 residential units were completed as the Group evolved before a series of major non-speculative real estate projects switched the focus to commercial property investment.

Midia Group, as it is today, was formed to operate in the growing market for real estate investments identified in Central and Eastern Europe where there is a high level of Public Sector support.

Midia now draws upon all the experience gained by its delivery teams from the many unique projects and partnerships that have been created to successfully complete over €1.5 billion of development.




We are extremely selective, focussing on just a few exceptional projects at any one time to which we believe we can create added value.

These projects are always procured privately and 'off-market'. We do not participate in tendering or bidding for opportunities. We have excellent long-term client relationships from which opportunities regularly emerge.

We firmly believe that success is founded on our ability to carefully identify and select the opportunity, set targets, evaluate, brief and manage the process from start to finish.

We also partner.

Typically the size and complexity of our projects mean that a variety of specialisms are needed and most have a multi-national dimension. We offer our clients and partners cost security and assurance together with the programming that they need in a commercially competitive environment.




We are involved in the full investment and development process, which usually starts with occupational or investment demand from a specific client.

Our roles include:

  • Identifying demand and funding.
  • The identification and recommendation of location or relocation.
  • Land and site assembly.
  • All aspects of related interaction with the public sector and statutory authorities.
  • Developing designs and procurement of Environmental Impact Approvals and planning permission.
  • Negotiating with construction partners and the project management of the construction process through to completion and operation.




In Central and South Eastern Europe we have successfully created a niche position in what has been a challenging market for much of the past decade. We have steadily built the company’s position into one of the sectors most entrepreneurial investment and development companies.

We have learned from experience that an active presence in a country requires the careful creation of a locally based team comprising the best available expertise in order to fully understand refined cultural difference in areas like local legislation, banking and finance, design and construction management and how each may impact upon the investment and development delivery process.

This philosophy, to develop high quality relationships with suitably experienced personnel in each domicile and to create a core team of legal, financial and administrative support in the capital city of each of these countries is a central and founding principle.

Our planned investment in the agricultural and industrial sectors in CE&SEE is at an advanced stage and focussed on projects in Slovakia.

Following the July 2016 vote by the U.K. a strategic decision has been taken to re-enter the real estate investment and development market in the North West of England.

Midia has representative offices in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Slovakia and Croatia.




With almost €200 million of new projects in our programme and a commitment to institutional grade investment, we are supported by a skilled in house management team working with innovative investment bankers, international legal specialists, tax planners, and accountants.

Our project team work with leading consultants and international construction partners to ensure smooth implementation and delivery of high quality developments.

Norman Turner
Non-Executive Chairman

Norman Turner, a well-known and highly respected property entrepreneur, founded what is now the Midia Group in the early 1980’s. Norman has remained closely involved with Midia as a non-executive and a business partner since stepping down as chief executive in 2008. He retains the role of non-executive chairman and has specific focus on investment funding and project finance as well as corporate structuring.

Norman’s experience, an extremely diverse and extensive range of investment and real estate transactions including the successful completion on a non-speculative basis over 200,000 square meters of industrial space, more than 80,000 square meters of prime office location and in excess of 50,000 square meters of retail space for some of Europe’s leading businesses, is retained within the company.

Steven Turner
Head of Development

Steven has been for Midia since 1996 working initially in the United Kingdom and Ireland then Central Europe. He became the Group’s Development Director in 2002 and he has responsibility for Midia business strategies and co-ordinating all of the group’s property development activities.

Alec Colbeck
Head of Projects

Alec joined Midia in 2006 and has over thirty years experience of the design and construction of award winning projects. He holds overall responsibility for all projects, including structuring and establishing financial and management programmes. He oversees the sourcing, master planning, building design, finance and legal aspects for all projects.

Petar Thür
CE&SEE Operations

Since joining Midia Group in 2003 Petar has been responsible for all Midia operations in South Eastern Europe, playing a pivotal role in matching our international investors with local opportunities. At corporate level, Petar is involved in securing new development opportunities and is jointly responsible for marketing.